Not like eating cake / by Rebecca Pilcher


This is my inaugural post. I have been musing a lot about what it takes to be an artist. To keep working.

The title of this blog has been taken directly from a comment from an interview with the Artist David Shrigley.  He is completely right. Though making art can at times be pleasurable, a large amount of the time making art is laden with obstacles and resistance in many, many forms. It takes a sense of fortitude to stay the course and keep going, however despite the difficulties so many of us are caught up in this endeavor.

This blog is  intended to be a self pep talk,  record of musings and current research. As an Artist I want to create a resource that myself and others can peruse. Part of my art practice is to research and to think deeply about my work. This is a given for most artists and often I feel this part of my practice as an artist is invisible and and an ever changing undercurrent. This blog is a way of capturing certain elements of this as the distances and spaces traversed can be great. Musing is a constant for me and usually about art and life and life and art. At this point I am very interested in what it is to gain momentum in a studio practice and to keep going against all the odds artists face. I want to be inspired, cajoled and hopeful and above all to keep going.